Boehmer Homes Inc. is a New York based Building Corporation driven by the unique designs of a number of highly talented architects, located from Manhattan to upstate New York, with their own extraordinary display of styles. With 35 years of building experience, Boehmer Homes has been fortunate to have the opportunity to build dream homes for our homeowners with styles ranging from rustic barns to timber frames to ultra modern designs. All designs are eco-friendly, which includes some of our most popular; geo-thermal, solar and domestic water, photovoltaic electric, denim insulation, and soy (bio-based) closed cell foam insulation. Timber frames and hand-crafted log homes are harvested from sustainable forests. Reclaimable lumber is a great option for flooring, as well as interior finishing’s. Boehmer Homes is proud to have the experience and team expert craftsmen necessary to focus on the ultimate designs with intense detail. This is the formula to make your “dream home” come true.