This house is a weekend getaway located in upstate New York. The house is an “L” shape holding the north and west sides of the courtyard. White cedar rain screen skins the house and peels off to create the wood fencing of the south and east sides of the courtyard. Zinc metal roofing is used throughout and turns down the exterior wall surfaces to bracket the ends of the building. Exterior sliding shutters, constructed as solid rain screen, allow the house to be closed down during times when the owners are away. The house is sited to take advantage of natural solar heating gains, is super insulated, incorporates solar hot water panels for radiant floor heating, has solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, and uses many recycled materials throughout the interiors. Boehmer Homes Inc. was fortunate to build a designed home by CR Studio that has both interior and exterior unique custom details. This gave Boehmer Homes Inc. the opportunity to display true quality craftsmanship and professional building practices.

Architects- CR Studio